A tale of fate and human capacity for endurance in an uncaring world. A Place to Stay tells the story of a traveler and a Gypsy girl who are thrown together by society's rejection of their customs and ways of life. Among the crop circles of Wiltshire a love develops that hides its own mystery - with profound consequences on both lives...


Starring: Johnny Dallas, Amanda Ray King, Colm O’Maonlai,    

Miranda Llewellyn-Jenkins

Produced & Directed by: MarcusThompson

Writer:Marcus Thompson

Cinematographer: Mirko Beutler

Composers: Marcel Cellier, Colm O’Maonlai

With very special thanks to Jules Opperman







A musical show is a chance for the untrained, untried, untested Richard Howel, son of one of the misguided backers, to get into show business. But a fateful encounter between Howell and an irascible Genie jeopardizes the show and shatters Howell's life. The bigger part he wished for becomes too much for him to handle...


Starring: Amanda Ray-King, Steven Faulkner, Joyce Springer, Leo Wringer

Produced by: Marcus Thompson, Russel Hawer, Charles Teton

Directed by: Marcus Thompson

Writers: Marcus Thompson, Nicholas Chilvers

Original Score by Composed and Orchestrated by: Nikolas Labrinakos

Music & Lyrics by: Anthony Rooke, Arranged by Neil Heydock

Cinematographers: Richard K Butland & Mirko Beutler




When airline pilot David Race has to leave home on a long haul flight he contacts a house-sitting agency who sends along one of their newest recruits, Mary Haig. She seems a nice enough girl and Race leaves her to it. "Hope it doesn't get too boring for you", are the pilot's last words before setting off for the airport. For Mary Haig boredom will be the least of her problems... Set in and around an isolated country cottage, surrounded by acres of woodland Malevolence examines the nature and symptoms of guilt following what should have been the perfect crime. Perfect but for one inherent weakness; Mary Haig’s inability to cope with the enormity of the experience.


Starring: Niven Boyd, Marian McLoughlin, Tim Turnbull, Jonathan Izard

Produced by Judy Parkinson - Directed by MarcusThompson

Writer: Anthony Rooke

Cinematographer: Roger Eaton

Composer: AndySheppard




In assosiciation with High Time Pictures Limited


A vortex of lust, corruption, murder, sex and death - based on the original story by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley.


Marcus Thompson's radical adaptation shot in Alicante and Pinewood Studios, brings to life the play's sardonic realism with a flamboyance of contemporary style. Startling visual imagery combined with sumptuous sets, and costumes by Elizabeth Emanuel, are underlined by a haunting soundtrack by Brian Gray and Gary Moore, which transforms the work into a powerful and electrifying cinema experience. The final outcome is a compelling and obsessive film - the story of two damned souls, Beatrice and De Flores - that culminates in an orgy of madness, sex and death.



Starring: Amanda Ray-King, Ian Dury, Colm O'Maonlai, Billy Connolly,

John Cooper Clark, Vivian Stanshal, Leo Wringer, Richard Mayes, Julia Tarnoki

Produced by: Peter King, Carole King, Peter Greer, Maria Figueroa

Directed by: Marcus Thompson

Writers: Middleton & Rowley - adapted for the screen by Marcus Thompson

Music by Gary Moore and Brian Gray

Cinematographer: Richard L Butland - Costumes by Elizabeth Emanuel