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Earl Cameron was one of the first black actors to appear in serious roles in British film, films in which racial issues were explored in a mature way for the first time. Throughout his acting career he has tried to avoid stereotypical portrayals of black people and has produced a whole range of characters from the courageous and dignified to the flawed and misguided; from colonial freedom fighters to post-colonial dictators. This broad-mindedness reflects the spiritual side to his life as a member of the Baha’i faith whose teaching celebrates mankind’s fundamental unity beneath its cultural differences. As such he has been a role model not just for ethnic minority performers, but for all independent minded explorers.

We have purposefully not rushed the process of making this film about Earl, and as a consequence we have been able to capture all the important events in his life during these last five years, and have become the most qualified people to make the film as we have got to know our subject so well. We feel honored to have this opportunity and to spend so much time with this very great and dignified man, and it gives us pleasure to share what we have learnt on the way with as wide an audience as we can reach; especially the young. At the end of the day the film is about passion, hard work, a roll of the dice, and how people manage to endure their lives in an uncaring world by creating ideals by which to live and dreams to live for.

This is a theme that runs through much of our work, and is sincerely felt by us all.

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