Hollywood Daze Motion Pictures Limited was incorporated in January 2000 to produce motion pictures. The first film, entitled ‘The Biggest Thing That Ever Hit Broadway’ (£2m) was completed in 2001 ('Redux' 2016) and qualified as a British Film under the DCMS system, and was thus eligible for the tax break incentives available at the time. The film was then involved in a Sale & Leaseback arrangement brokered by Hacker Young. In 2002 the company produced the feature film entitled ‘A Place To Stay’, (£2m) which also qualified as a British Film and received a DCMS certificate. This film also participated in a Sale & Leaseback arrangement brokered by Aquarius. In both cases, the films were audited by Baker Tilly, and legal services were executed by Jonathan Blair, then at Theodore Goddard.


For the next three years the company concentrated on developing new projects, including ‘Shooting Bernarda’, a co-production with Spain’s ZIP Films. This involved extensive travel to meet US and European film companies and to attend film festivals. ‘A Place To Stay’ won the prestigious GAIA Award at the WCFF in California. Over the ensuing years a slate of seven films was developed and represent the slate for production 2018/19/20.


During 2007 HDMP also became involved in producing music videos, building on foundations laid earlier shooting videos for bands as diverse as Ocean Colour Scene, Jesus Jones and Runrig for EMI, Virgin and Chrysalis Records. At this time Thompson became absorbed in the development of midaScope, the application of mathematical aesthetics to the capture and presentation of cinematographic images, an ongoing project.  This was followed by the production of corporate films mainly for the fashion industry - once again based on experience gained shooting films for Marie Claire, Harrods, Philip Morris and Honda prior to setting up Hollywood Daze.


‘Shore Leave – The Life And Work of Earl Cameron’ is currently in production funded by the Bermuda Legacy Fund and The Bermuda Fine Arts Foundation for delivery in 2020.