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Hollywood Daze was set up to create, package and deliver high quality, low to medium budget feature films that keep people informed and entertained worldwide. We aim to develop and produce a broad range of high quality films that demonstrate innovation, experimentation and creativity that appeal to the tastes and interests of a culturally diverse audience. We also aim to develop worthwhile projects that contribute to meeting the worldwide need for films of educative value. ‘A Place To Stay’ won the highly respected GAIA Award for drama with environmental awareness at the WCFF in California, and the theme is continued in ‘Townsville’, slated for production in 2021. 


Our core values are founded on basic moral and ethical principles, and we pledge to do business with integrity and to strive for excellence in the creative process with innovation and originality. It is our policy to rigorously uphold our editorial independence and artistic expression, earning the trust of our audiences as well as protecting the interests of our financiers.


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